Aluminium Profile Production Line


Zahit Aluminium cast house has the latest technology HOT-TOP Molding System. It has 2 units of Melting and 1 unit of alloying furnace with a capacity of 20.000 tons per year as well as 2 units of homogeneous annealing and cooling furnaces, 25 tons and 10 tons with ±5°C precision. It produces 6000 alloy series with original ingots and chemical analysis of aluminium alloys are carefully monitered with a Spectro Analysis Device by chemical engineers. So that billets can be produced in different dimensions and alloys.


The moulds designed by Zahit Aluminium professional technical team with CAD \ CAM and CEA programmes are produced by CNC controlled high speed machines. It provides technical assistance to customers on design and development of products. Steels which is used to produce extrusion moulds are tested for micro construction study in Metalography laboratories. After receiving the test results the production takes place. By using this procedure the faults which may occur due to steel is eliminated. It produces on average 1500 moulds per year.


Zahit Aluminium extrudes wide range of Aluminium profiles for different sectors and purposes with the moulds produced in moulding room. It has 2200, 1800, 1350 (2 machines), 1100 , 900, 600, 550 tons capacity machines with PLC control system. The profiles are delivered to anodising, powder coating or mechanical operation units after extruded according to customer requests for different processes. It has 8 Extrusion Lines. Total production capacity is 25.000 tons per year.

Zahit Aluminium has large product range which involves façade and architectural systems profiles, industrial profiles, solar system profiles, photovoltaic system profiles, automotive and defense industries profiles


 In wood coating facility, the profiles are given wood effects. Furnace is 6 meters long and Zahit Aluminium produces in cherry, pine, wallnut and maun designs with a capacity of 700 tons per year. Upon requests from customers, it can also produce the thermal profiles with each side different wood design and color in facility.


Upon customer's request, aluminium profiles are anodised in different colors with matt and shiny surfaces. In order to obtain different decorative appearance requests coming from customers , before anodising, different processes are being done, such as mechanical polishing or satinating. E6 type of anodisation is also being done in facility. Anodising facility works under Qualanod standards with highest technology and the anodising could be done on max.7 meters long profiles. Anodising facility is being checked 24 hours by Specialist Engineers and it is all automatic in order to minimise the production faults.


Mechanical Process Unit works under advanced Italian technology. According to customer demands, Zahit Aluminium produces by cutting and drilling with high tecnology CNC benches and high sensitivity. In addition to these it services to customers in mounting phase.